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Wanda's Pie In The Sky
Wanda Beaver grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, in the heart of Niagara's Fruitland. She baked her first pie at the tender age of nine, using the cherries she picked in her backyard and her grandmother's crimper. Wanda made her first retail pie while a student at the Ontario College of Art.
By graduation, she was riding the TTC across Toronto, delivering so many pastries and desserts they exceeded subway capacity!
Today, Wanda still bakes the comfort of home into each and every bite. Her staff of 15 happy pie-folk produces over 1,200 assorted goods every week.
If you've taken a first bite of a dessert and tasted bliss, it was probably a Wanda's creation!

The Kensington Market wholesale and retail bakery suppies delectable handcrafted deserts to restaurants and cafe throughout Metro Toronto.

The bakery is open for retail sales, offering Wanda's baked goods at discounted prices.